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Architectural studio ZROBIM architects

Architectural studio ZROBIM architects always intends to use in its projects the newest achievements of architecture and design. Designing for exact people we materialize their version of ideal space, their dreams and desires. Our studio’s projects- the result of creative architects' and clients' alliance, the result of joint thought. That is why you will not find two identical buildings or interiors among our works. Designing for people, we change their lives for the better.

We design all over the world

We speak the same language with you!

Selecting a design studio, every client should know how work on a project is performed. Modeling space we use the most up-to-date graphics editors.

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What we are proud of

Architectural projects

ZROBIM architects team loves architecture of any size and purpose: from private houses to administrative, public buildings and shopping centers, From residential quarter to small architectural forms and landscaping. Creating architecture, we are not just doing a project and all its stages, we are thinking about scenarios of human life, who will live, work, relax and study there. Creating architecture is a multilayer process, it begins with a concept and then thins with each stage. We consider the path from general to particular and analytical approach to the process of creating forms as reference points of our design method.

What we are proud of

Interior design

Modern interior design is the solution to problems. The tasks of the budget, functionality, beauty and much more. In creating interior design, we use an analytical approach, it allows us to design both private housing and offices, cafes, restaurants, bars, galleries, museums, etc. We proceed from the tasks that the client and the interior space pose before us. We are thinking about how to rationally use the implementation budget and create a unique design for a specific task.

What we are proud of

Shop of finished projects

At a certain stage of life, a person comes to the decision to build a house for himself. All over the world, the process of designing individual housing takes a long period of time and is quite expensive. If you do not have the time and budget to create an individual project at home, we give you the opportunity to buy a finished project from us. Each of the projects that we offer was developed by our company. This is not a typical Polish or Lithuanian project, these are houses already adapted to the materials and standards of the CIS countries. All you need is to take the finished project, tie the house to the plot and build it. You can choose the constructive system of the house, layout, facade materials, roofing, and we will help you adapt the project to your budget.

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Architecture with an idea

Designing with us, you choose aesthetics and premium quality. Together we will materialize your ideal space, dreams and desires, going beyond expectations.

The project is just the beginning

Using the latest global trends in design and engineering, we create a special inspiring environment for people who need more. More than just a house. Functionality, aesthetics and quality are at the heart of every scenario of our clients' lives.

The main thing

Professional team

We have a highly professional team of architects, designers, subcontractors

Architectural studio ZROBIM architects
Andrus Bezdar
Alexey Korablev

«For us, the project is not the result of work, but just a small step of the large staircase, which leads to the full implementation of the object»

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